Loan Modification

Loan Modification

Are you having trouble making your monthly mortgage payment? Has your job or income situation changed significantly during this economic recession?

The government understands that homeowners have been hit hard by this record-breaking economic collapse and they want you to stay in your home. That is why the government has rolled out a variety of programs to modify your current mortgage terms into something that is affordable in the new economic climate. What’s more, they are also providing a significant incentive for mortgage lenders to do the same.

Chances are your payment troubles could be simpler to solve than you think.

What is a Loan Modification?

Loan modifications are not new, but the recent mortgage meltdown has made them much more popular. There are numerous processes and types of mortgage modifications, but simply put they are a renegotiation of your current mortgage contract. Unlike a mortgage refinance you are not getting a new mortgage, but adjusting your current mortgage terms. Learn more…

Learn More About Your Mortgage Modification Options

Never have there been so many different options for loan modifications. Our government, through an assortment of mortgage and banking agencies, have created programs and incentives to give troubled borrowers help. That means that nearly every mortgage borrower that is having trouble making their payment because of a drop in housing values, loss of job, or cut in pay have some options to consider before losing their home.

Determine if You are Eligible for a Loan Modification

Are you qualified to have your loan modified? Most likely, but every situation is unique and requires a close review of your financial situation and current mortgage to get the right answer. Even more importantly, this careful review is important to make sure your modification is done properly, giving you a long-term solution to your payment problems.

Find out the Quickest Way to Get Your Mortgage Adjusted

In most cases, time is of the essence when you realize you are having trouble making that mortgage payment. You need to find the shortest and most direct route to getting your loan modified. We can help you get connected to a loan modification specialist that will try to expedite your process.

Loan modification is a real possibility for getting you out of mortgage payment trouble. Unfortunately, the process and the programs are numerous and often confusing. Getting expert loan modification counseling may be your best option to speed and improve you mortgage modification.

Popular Mortgage Options

30 Year Fixed

30-year fixed-rate mortgaged are currently the most popular. Get the peace of mind with a fixed monthly payment.

Enjoy the security of locking in your payment while rates are low.

FHA Streamline

Government-backed mortgages available. FHA mortgages make housing more affordable, with low fixed rates.

You may qualify for FHA Streamline if you already have an FHA loan.

Loan Modification

Struggling with current loan payment? There are opportunities to adjust your existing mortgage to your current income.

Find out if you are eligible for a government or lender loan modification.

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