Debt Consolidation Tools

What You Need to Know

Debt Consolidation Questions and Answers

Got a debt consolidation or general mortgage question? You can bet we have the answer. Check out this section to quickly get the lowdown on many of the most common debt consolidation and mortgage questions.

How to Determine the Value of Your Home

It’s the question every homeowner wants to know. In this article, we’ll spell out all the factors that come into play in determining your home’s value, as well as the best resources to contact if you need an official valuation.

How Credit Ratings Affect Debt Consolidation

What’s perfect credit? And what puts the “bad” in bad credit? Now’s your chance to read up on the different credit categories and how the risk level of each affects what home loan programs may be available.

Debt Consolidation Options

All About FHA Loans

What’s an FHA loan? Can I get one as a refinance loan? Is this a government loan? You’ll get answers to these and a bunch more in this article.

RX for Debts: Facts on Debt Consolidation

It’s all too easy to exceed your budget. Now, you’ll understand how it may be just as easy to wrap your debt into a neat little package with a single monthly payment through debt consolidation.

Cashing Out Equity

We pit the three most common techniques for extracting home equity against each other. You’ll learn the “ins and outs” of each of these debt consolidation methods and which one might be better suited for you.

To Do Lists and Other Helpful Information

An Essential Checklist For Refinancing
Copies. Copies. Copies. You’ll need a bunch of these, such as of your W-2, driver’s license, most recent bank statement and many more. Don’t worry though, with this handy checklist you’ll know exactly what you’ll need as you get started.

What is the Good Faith Estimate (GFE)?

This article gives you a nuts and bolts look at what exactly a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is, and how it’s your ultimate reference when comparing the small print of different debt consolidation loans.

Closing Costs Made Easy

If you’ve sat through a closing before, you know how overwhelming the occasion maybe if you’re not prepared. In this article, we’ll go over the HUD-1 form and the important things to know about each line in it.

Explanations of Essential Terms

Our comprehensive list of all finance-related terms. If you don’t know what a word, phrase or acronym is, you can bet that we do and have included it here.